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What is a green car?

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What is a Green Car
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Reducing emissions with more efficient engines

In a nutshell, the problems 'green' cars set out to alleviate are those caused by the burning of fossil fuels: pollution and global warming. Alternative sources of energy are therefore high on the agenda, but there are many ways conventional petrol and diesel engines can be made more eco-friendly.

Better design is leading to lower-emission cars with more efficient engines. In time, this should help us clean up the atmosphere, but the immediate side-effect is a reduction in fuel bills - so the environmentally responsible motorist is already being rewarded with more than just a justifiable glow of satisfaction - and this is just as true with car rental.

The environmentally responsible motorist is already being rewarded with lower fuel bills

Motor manufacturers know their cars have to appeal to everyone, not just eco-warriors. Gadgets and gizmos of all kinds are being used to cut consumption and carbon without compromising drive quality.

The 'hybrid' car can switch between power sources to suit your moment-to-moment needs: electric for city driving, petrol for the open road, for example. Other engines turn themselves off at traffic lights (instead of wasting fuel while idling), then spring back to life as soon as you put your foot down.

Better for Everyone

Of course, alternatives to traditional fuels continue to offer hope for a healthier planet. The all-electric car is no longer a fantasy, and hydrogen, plant-based bio-diesel, ethanol and solar power could all play a part in reducing greenhouse gases.

At the moment, these may seem like front-line solutions for the committed environmentalist. But with greener choices available to suit nearly all types of car, there's no need for any of us to miss out on the benefits of cleaner and cheaper motoring. And that's especially true with car hire, since there's no premium purchase price to pay for this ultra-sophisticated technology.
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