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What is hireagreencar.com?

We are a comparison engine allowing you to compare car rental rates from a variety of car hire providers. We therefore save you a lot of effort! We do not provide the actual cars, and queries relating to the specifics of your hire should be raised with the supplier (Hertz, Budget, etc).

Am I guaranteed the exact vehicle model I have booked?

In most cases you should be able to collect the make and model you booked, but some hire companies reserve the right to offer an equivalent or upgrade if the car you chose is unavailable. In such circumstances we regret it is not possible for us to guarantee the green specifications will be an exact match.

Why can't I hire an electric car?

At the moment few, if any, rental companies offer electric cars. There is a serious risk of customers being left stranded, as the vehicles have limited range before needing recharging. Calculating how many miles you have left in the ‘tank’ is complicated, charging points are few and far between, and charging can take up to half a day. The cars themselves are expensive for the companies to buy and maintain, as are hybrids.

What is a voucher?

After making your reservation you will receive a voucher from your car rental provider. You will be required to present this when you collect your vehicle. The voucher will contain important information about where and how to pick up your vehicle.

What extras might I need to pay for?

If you require child seats, ski racks, snow chains, rooftop luggage boxes or other specialised additions to your booking, fees will either be payable in advance or when collect your vehicle. You are advised to check this with your supplier.

Does my car rental agreement include insurance?

If you are hiring a car in the UK, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia your car rental agreement will include cover for CDW (Collision Damage Waiver – also known as Loss Damage Waiver), Third Party Liability and Theft.

There may be an Excess to pay should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident or suffer vehicle theft. Some car rental providers will offer a ‘zero excess’ policy at the rental counter, or you can take out policies ahead through specialist firms to cover any excess.

If you are hiring the car in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and South America, your car rental is unlikely to include insurance. You must therefore take out CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)/LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and Supplemental Liability Insurance at the car rental counter (usual cost between US$ 20 and US$30 a day).

Is Excess Cover compulsory?

You can decline to take out Excess Cover. However, if the vehicle is damaged or stolen, you will be liable for the Excess charge.

Why do some of my search results offer the same car at different prices?

We cover all the major rental companies. They often have the same makes and models in their pool, but they can charge different prices. The search results make it easy to see your best-value option for a particular vehicle.

What happens if I lose the keys to my hire car?

Car rental companies usually charge between £100 and £150 for lost keys. Some specialist firms offer insurance to cover this, which you can take out in advance.

Does it cost more for additional drivers?

Most car rental companies will charge extra if you add another driver to the rental. You will need to check with the supplier.

Will I be charged for a child seat?

All companies charge a daily fee for child seats. Child restraint seats are required by all countries for children under the age of five or weighing less than 40 lb.

Do I need a credit card?

All principal and additional drivers must possess a valid credit card at the time of signing the rental agreement.

What is a ‘winterisation fee’?

Some countries, principally Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France, charge a ‘winterisation fee’ to cover additional vehicle equipment that may be required during the winter season.

What are fuel charges?

Car rental companies use two systems of charging for fuel when you hire a car. These are generally referred to as "full tank" and "return full". "Full tank" means that you are charged for the full tank of fuel that is already in the car when you pick it up, and you can return the car with fumes in the tank should you so wish. "Return full" means that, although you are not charged for the fuel in the tank when you pick up the car, you must return the car with a full tank when you drop it off.

Although this second option is generally more economical (rental companies usually add a premium to "full tank" prices), you need to weigh this against the possible inconvenience of having to find a fuel station and filling up the tank just before you drop it off on your return journey. "Full tank" charges are always paid for at the counter when you pick up the car.
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